The Best PEMF Therapy Device Ensures Faster Return to Work in Low Backache Patients

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Low backache is a medical condition that many of us might have in common. It is the most prevalent musculoskeletal pain and a very common health problem in the workplace. If you are suffering from it, don’t worry. It is the second leading cause of disability in the United States and the fourth worldwide.

Suppose this unpleasant sensation is badly affecting your routine life and you are not being able to continue your office activities. In that case, you are among the 26% of the United States’ office workers suffering from low backache.
Mostly, low backache is short-term and self-relieving. But in 33% of the patients, it does not resolve and develops into chronic low backache. In this blog, I have concluded the latest research data and clinical guidelines to give you a brief overview of the low backache and its treatment, along with the PEMF device’s effects.

Why does my back ache?

Lower backache is a symptom, not a disease. It may be due to the overuse of lower back muscles, strenuous activity, or sudden weight lifting.
Some other causes of your low backache are

  • Muscle spasm, strain, or sprain

  • An injury or trauma to the lower back

  • Degenerative changes because of aging effects.

  • Obesity that puts pressure on lower back structure
  • Abnormal growth(also called tumor)
  • Infection
  • Disc protrusion

What is Low-Cost PEMF Device?

Low backache may disturb you a lot. It may restrict your mobility and can interfere with your normal functioning. Working for an extended period in your office or lifting a heavy object can damage your cells.
Sometimes, you may have an infection to your backbone or trauma to the low back structures. But most of the time, it is musculoskeletal in origin. All of these cause damage to your cells, releasing chemicals that lead to inflammation, edema, and unpleasant, painful sensations.

How to deal with low backache?

Therapies for low backache

  • Different types of exercise and massage therapies
  • Acupuncture and superficial heat.
  • Yoga and spinal manipulation
  • Pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) devices

Medication v/s Non medication Therapies


  • Non-medication therapies are preferred due to the adverse effects of analgesic drugs.
  • American College of Physicians (ACP) recommends treating acute, subacute, and chronic lower backache with non-drug therapies.
  • Almost all the medicines used to treat the lower backache are harmful to our body in the long term.
  • Like NSAIDs are associated with stomach issues, lood disorders, and liver or kidney toxicity, smooth muscle relaxants cause addiction.


How does an affordable PEMF device ensure a faster return to work?

The affordable PEMF device uses short frequency pulses and provides energy to the injured or stressed cells. This energy helps the damaged, injured, or stressed cells to repair and heal. It also decreases the duration of pain and ensures quick recovery. Then the patients can continue their routine activities and office work.
The use of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to treat nonunion fractures was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1979.

  • Affordable PEMF therapy device helps to relieve your acute and chronic pain.
  • The best PEMF therapy device accelerates the repairing process of your damaged cells.
  • PEMF therapy devices reduce inflammation, edema, and pain without causing any side effects.
  • The best PEMF therapy device improves blood flow to the damaged parts of your body.
  • PEMF therapy devices are beneficial in ensuring quick recovery after low backache.
the best PEMF device

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DCcure: an FDA-listed, clinically proven, affordable PEMF device

DCcure is an affordable well-researched PEMF therapy device. It is portable, low-cost, and one of the best PEMF devices for low backache. It is an FDA Class 1 listed non-thermal pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapeutic device.

DCcure PEMF device is relatively easy to use, and you can easily apply it to the painful areas of your body. If you are looking for an excellent and affordable PEMF therapy device to start with, it should be preferred.

DCcure PEMF device is clinically proven through a clinical trial. That was conducted in 2019 on 42 patients 18-75 years. Its effectiveness and safety were proven for low backache patients. 

  • A clinical trial was conducted in 2019 by Anthony J Lisi et al. The title was “A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device for Non-Specific Low Back Pain.” The PEMF device used in this trial was “MDcure®, Aerotel Ltd., Holon, Israel, and Aerotel Inc. USA, New York, NY, USA.” It concluded that the device is safe, improves non-specific low backache, and does not show any adverse or severe effects.