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STUDY: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Significantly Reduce Pain

National Pain Report  has published a study report on how Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Significantly Reduce Pain. The study has identified positive effects for patients suffering with chronic pain.

Around sixty patients suffering with knee pain were participated in the study. They have been provided with a wearable PEFM device for a month. The results were amazing.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

The article says as follows:

Participants were trained on how to use the PEMF neuromodulation device, which was worn consecutively for a minimum of 12 hours, mostly at night.  The device was kept in place with a wrap and switched off when not in use. Participants recorded the number of hours they used the device per day.

Pain scores were based on VAS (Visual Analog Scale) and WOMAC (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index).

“In patients treated with the PEMF device, we found that VAS pain and WOMAC pain scores decreased significantly after 1 month of treatment compared with placebo,” wrote lead author, Gian Luca Bagnato, Division of Internal Medicine, University of Messina. “Consistently, WOMAC stiffness and function scores improved after PEMF treatment,” he added.

After 1 month of treatment, there was a 25.5% reduction in VAS pain scores for subjects treated with the PEMF device and a 3.6% reduction in those who received placebo.  There was a 23.4% reduction in WOMAC pain subscale and 18.4% reduction in WOMAC total score compared with 2.3% reduction for both WOMAC pain and total in the placebo group.

“The use of a wearable PEMF therapy in knee OA can be considered as an alternative safe and effective therapy in knee OA, providing the possibility for home-based management of pain compared with previous studies,” the study concluded.


Likewise, you can consider PEMF therapy as a safe and effective alternative treatment for treating lower back pain. With the high risk of overdosing painkillers, it is wise to switch to alternative treatment avoiding usage of painkiller.

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