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Stretches to help back pain after standing for long periods

Back pain problems mainly occur when there is inactivity. Here are some quick stretches to help back pain after standing for long hours:

stretches to ease back pain

Standing for a long time leads to sore back. For certain jobs like construction, teaching and nursing, it is inevitable to stand for long hours. When you stand there is no activity for your back muscles. This leads to sore back.

NetDoctor has suggested a few stretches to over come back pain.

1. Squats
2. Bending knees
3. Tiptoes to heels
4. Hanging upside down
5. Traction
6. The Pelvic Tilt
read detailed descrption to pratice these strecthes at

Practicing these stretches will help to ease the back pain even your job involves standing for more hours.

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