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Relieve Chronic Pain by Using Low-cost PEMF Device

Chronic or persistent pain is a type of pain lasting for more than three months despite using medications or treatments. Most of the time, people meet an injury and get back to their work routine. But sometimes, recovery is not quick and takes time to heal.
It also depends upon the nature and severity of the injury. Some factors like cigarette smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, and comorbid conditions like diabetes also slow down the process of healing.
Nerves originating from the brain are called cranial nerves, and from the spine are called spinal nerves. These nerves carry messages from the body structures to the brain and spinal cord and tell what’s happening there. The brain controls all the activities. If something disturbing or painful happens to the body’s organs, nerves convey a message, and the brain perceives it as harmful. Brain orders the body to move away from this dangerous thing.
Managing Low Back Pain with PEMF Therapy: How Targeted PEMF Devices Can Help

What is chronic pain?

Chronic or persistent pain lasts for more than twelve weeks. It can happen anywhere in the body. It affects daily activities and interferes with routine work. It can also lead to anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
Chronic or persistent pain means harmful stimulus is still in place and persistently disturbing the organs.
Most of the time, pain is muscular in origin, and it relieves without using any medications. But sometimes, it can be due to some severe etiology and persistent. You should consult your clinician if the pain is chronic or ongoing.

What are the leading causes of chronic pain?

In most of the causes, an underlying cause for chronic pain is apparent. Some most commonly affecting reasons for chronic pain are cancer, sprain, trauma, or an apparent bodily injury; strain and even a broken bone can cause chronic, long-lasting pain.

Examples of chronic pain
• Back pain
• Lower back pain
• Neck pain
• Migraine
• Cancer pain
• Fibromyalgia

Managing Low Back Pain with PEMF Therapy: How Targeted PEMF Devices Can Help

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Top 3 home remedies to relieve chronic pain

1. PEMF therapy: According to clinicians, it is always recommended to prefer non-drug therapeutic options over drug therapies and non-invasive over invasive procedures. PEMF therapeutic options for pain relief are non-drug and non-invasive. Hence, it should be preferred over other techniques.
2.Pain Killer Medication If pain is not relieved after using non-drug therapeutic options, try over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers. These include Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and muscle relaxants.

How does PEMF therapy work?

PEMF Therapy improves the efficiency of microcirculation in ischemic or injured tissues of the body. According to one theory, PEMF therapy initiates magnetic polarization of RBCs and WBCs. These RBCs and WBCs move more efficiently through the small vessels without changing the hemodynamics.
As a result, it brings more oxygen and nutrients to the peripheral tissues. It removes waste and allows the body to begin the process of angiogenesis and nerve regeneration. Costin, Birlea, and Norris proposed two main effects of PEMF therapy in 2012. 1) PEMF therapy has anti-inflammatory effects by lowering the cytokine blood levels 2) Formation of new vessels.

How does PEMF therapy relieve chronic pain?

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is clinically proven, safe, and affordable to relieve chronic pain in athletes and non-athletes. Clinical trials have proven it’s safe and effective for musculoskeletal pain relief.
PEMF therapy has proved its effectiveness through multiple clinical trials in relieving lower back pain, fracture union, cervical fusion, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and cervical disc herniation.
Chronic pain or discomfort from neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, muscular pain, fibromyalgia, and muscular aches can be quickly relieved using PEMF devices like DCcure.

PEMF therapy for back pain relief
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Why has DCcure become the clinician’s choice?

Multiple devices use the same technology, but clinicians prefer DCcure due to its clinically proven benefits in pain relief and its quality that it has not shown any side effects. It’s affordable and specially designed to be used anywhere you want.
DCcure resolves cellular dysfunction and corrects metabolic damage at a cellular level. It acts at the cellular level and repairs cellular damage. Like other PEMF devices, it enhances blood flow to the injured tissues and ensures quick recovery.
DCcure is an FDA-listed, affordable, and convenient device that is also safe. DCcure is a non-invasive and non-drug therapeutic option for acute and chronic pain. Due to its non-invasive approach and quick relief, it is a preferred choice of clinicians.

Why should one prefer PEMF therapy over other options?

• PEMF device provides a notable long-term improvement in pain scores coupled with a significant reduction in the use of medications.
• Medications have potential side effects, and PEMF therapy is safe.
• Compliance with drug therapy is complex as compared to PEMF therapy.
• PEMF therapy repairs the damage compared to other techniques that provide symptomatic relief.
• PEMF therapy shortens the duration of disease suffering and ultimately decreases disease costs.
• PEMF therapy is a cost-effective and affordable way to get pain relief.
• PEMF therapy also helps with medical conditions like anxiety and depression.
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