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PEMF vs. TENS: Differences and Benefits

PEMF vs TENS: Differences and Benefits

If you’re experiencing back pain, there’s a good chance you know about PEMF and TENS technology. While these are both popular choices for pain relief, few people understand the mechanics behind each of these technologies. To help our readers decide which types of back pain treatment devices are best for their needs, we’ve developed a guide to explore the ins and outs of PEMF vs TENS technologies.

While there are some similarities associated with TENS and PEMF devices, the underlying difference between pemf and tens are essential to understand when you’re seeking pain relief. If you’re ready to learn more about these unique pain relief mechanisms, continue reading below:

pemf vs tens

TENS Technology Explained

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy uses electrical currents to temporarily mask pain. By sending low-voltage electrical currents into your body, TENS therapy can manipulate the pain signals in your body and temporarily mask them. TENS devices typically contain electrodes that need to be replaced frequently which attach to the body where pain is occurring. Once the electrodes attach, the operator turns on the battery-powered device and allows it to channel electrical currents into the affected area. Although the fact that TENS sends an electrical current into the body has made it the subject of some skepticism, it is still a choice for individuals suffering from all types of pain.

PEMF Technology Explained

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is another pain-relief technology growing in popularity in the United States. Unlike TENS, PEMF therapy does not send electrical currents through the patient. Instead, it uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the body and encourage restoration and long lasting pain relief.

Inside a PEMF device is a PEMF coil that creates electromagnetic fields. While these coils use electricity, the electrical current itself does not enter the patient’s body.

PEMF has been the subject of various studies around the world and has demonstrated effectiveness in relieving pain. If you’re searching for a low back pain relief machine that is proven to help in various circumstances, it’s hard to find a better option than PEMF.

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PEMF vs TENS: Which Is Better?

While both PEMF and TENS are popular pain relief options, we believe that PEMF is a more effective long-term option for those seeking comprehensive low back pain relief. Why is this the case? Let us understand pemf therapy vs tens unit

Unlike TENS, PEMF stimulates cell growth and other regenerative activities that can help your body heal. If you’re searching for regenerative therapy that tackles the underlying causes of pain, PEMF is a more suitable option.

Not only does PEMF help with cell growth and regeneration, it’s also intended to reduce swelling and inflammation. As inflammation can be a leading cause of many types of back pain, using a treatment device that can reduce swelling is an excellent choice if you’re seeking anti-inflammatory therapy that does not involve taking potentially habit forming medicine.

PEMF Advantages

If you’re still considering pemf vs tens i.e. whether PEMF devices are the best option to help you relieve low back pain, check out the following advantages of PEMF therapy:

  • PEMF can reduce pain.
  • PEMF can reduce inflammation.
  • PEMF can stimulate cell growth.
  • PEMF can stimulate cell restoration and regrowth.
  • PEMF can remove cell waste.
  • PEMF can improve cell function.
  • PEMF can improve cell oxygenation.

There are many other advantages associated with PEMF technology. Research continues to reveal the benefits of using this type of therapy for pain relief and other purposes.

Non-Pain Uses for PEMF

While many people associate PEMF technology with pain relief, it has various other practical applications. As PEMF therapy promotes cellular rejuvenation, it’s also a popular treatment for healing soft tissue injuries. While this also helps with the pain caused by such an injury, the tissue itself may heal faster due to the stimulation associated with PEMF therapy.

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Back Pain Relief Products

While PEMF therapy applies to a wide range of ailments, this blog post focuses on the help it can provide to individuals with low back pain. As both chronic and lower back pain affect a large segment of the American population, many are searching for back therapy devices that can help. At Aerotel USA, Inc., our DCcure system uses PEMF technology to help our customers experience lasting relief from low back pain. Explore our device if you’re struggling with back pain.

Choosing a Product That is FDA-Listed

If you’re planning on using a low back pain relief device, it’s critical to seek safe products. By working with FDA-listed products, you can rest assured that they pose minimal to no risk to users when used as directed. The DCcure system is FDA Class 1 listed and is available at an affordable price.

Comprehensive Back Pain Relief

It’s always a good idea to take a comprehensive approach to tackle back pain. In some cases, supplementing PEMF low back pain relief therapy with healthy daily habits is a good way to improve your chances of achieving good outcomes.

For example, by improving your posture, stretching, and engaging in exercises (such as yoga), you can improve your chances of relieving back pain.

Additionally, smoking cigarettes can impact your back’s ability to heal. As a vasoconstrictor, cigarettes prevent your muscles from receiving sufficient blood flow. By quitting smoking, you can improve your body’s ability to overcome injuries and other pain-related problems.

In sum, when you finish doing your research on PEMF vs TENS technologies and finally make a decision, remember to take a holistic approach to pain relief and incorporate some of these techniques along with understanding the difference between tens and pemf.

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