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Lumbar Stabilization Exercise is the key to prevent chronic back pain

Quiet corner recommends lumbar stabilization exercise to prevent chronic low back pain.  Strengthening and secure your spine is essential to prevent damaging of your back muscles.


If you think, doing sit-ups and crunches everyday is enough to strengthen your back, I’m afraid, it’s not enough.

The stabilizing or core muscles include the abdominal, back, and hip muscles. According to many physical therapists, strengthening these muscles groups takes more than just sit-ups and crunches. Almost everyone has heard something of the connection between strong abdominal muscles and a strong back. Many people assume that doing a certain number of sit-ups every day will strengthen their abdominals and help their back pain. This is true to a point.

The abdominal muscles are crucial to good back stabilization. But it’s the transverse abdominals, muscles that run horizontally right to left across your lower abdomen, that are key. If those muscles are not working correctly, you may be doing lots of sit-ups, and strengthening certain abdominal muscles, but not working your transverse muscles much at all. And what that means is that your exercise program isn’t doing the good for you that you think it is. You need to learn how to kick in those transversus abdominis muscles.

Hence, take 10 mintues time to work out your transversus abdominis muscles to stay away from lower back pain.

If you have back pain that flares up periodically, ask your doctor if stabilization exercises are appropriate for you. Physical therapists, with a doctor’s prescription for patients with back pain, can help evaluate core strength and develop appropriate and customized stabilization exercises. They can answer questions and develop a home-based exercise program to help reduce back pain. Good lumbar stabilization has many benefits. It’s not just about having a stronger body for strength’s sake alone. It’s all about doing something for yourself that may lead you to a more active and comfortable lifestyle. It’s certainly worth checking out.


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