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Lower Back Pain Causes, Diagnoses, and Treatments

Do you suffer from occasional lower back pain, or is it chronic? Aerotel Medical Systems has seen millions of adults worldwide complaining of lower back pain, and in response, they took the time to develop DCcure, a non-invasive, natural solution. Let’s explore more about back pain causes, diagnoses, and how treatments like DCcure can alleviate your discomfort.

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Why is Lower Back Pain One of The Most Common Complaints?

Anyone can experience back pain; it’s a complex system prone to injury, aches, and pains. The cause of the pain might be obvious. For example, overexertion and poor posture are two of the most common culprits.

Professional athletes and MMA fighters, like Amberlynn Orr, describe lower back pain from heavy physical activity and impact. However, it can be just as detrimental to sit for long periods without stretching the back muscles to realign them. If you do not remember to use that fancy Aerotel watch to give your lower back ample breaks to realign, solutions like the DCcure device might be perfect.

People also experience back pain after standing for a long time. The lower back sees more use than the middle or upper back, and its muscles are larger. Lower back pain is a common problem because of the lower back’s physical structure; it only has five vertebrae, and that is not a lot of support. Muscles take up much of the extra workload, and this can lead to strains and other pain.

This area also ends at the hips, so poor posture, standing, and gait can cause muscle soreness in the lower back. Other non-traumatic factors of lower back pain include:

  • Arthritis in the spine
  • Obesity
  • Lack of physical activity or a sedentary lifestyle
  • Overexertion, improper lifting, over-exercising, or running without appropriate footwear

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain Takes Time

Lower back pain can be:

  • acute (a sudden onset that lasts for a specific period) or
  • chronic (constantly present without an indicated end date).

Lower back pain is a common ailment, and you usually will not need a battery of diagnostic tests unless the pain has been occurring for a while without respite. Most minor cases of lower back pain resolve under simple at-home treatments in about four weeks. However, four weeks is a long time to wait to feel better or regain mobility when you are in pain.

You can make an appointment to diagnose your lower back pain if the discomfort is severe enough. A doctor might order X-rays and MRIs to see your bone structure, and these diagnostic tools can reveal:

  • Herniated discs
  • Fractures
  • Degenerative diseases, like arthritis
  • Kidney problems

However, most cases have no hard evidence as to why the back muscles are aching. If you want the pain to stop, it might be best to explore a few non-invasive options like DCcure devices before going for major medical treatment.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

If you make that doctor’s appointment and undergo extensive (and expensive) diagnostic testing, you would likely leave with a prescription. Unfortunately, most back pain prescription medications only take the edge off—it is still not a cure, and it comes with other risks and side effects.

Common side effects from prescription back pain medication include:

  • Constipation and stomach issues
  • Potentially addictive characteristics
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Mood changes

Prescription medications may also complicate other health problems, and a combination of natural treatments is often safer and more effective long-term. Instead of dealing with lower back pain, prescription medications cause a laundry list of other health complaints, but there are alternative treatments for back pain that do not have these dangerous side effects.

DCcure’s medical advice often includes the following four steps for handling lower back pain:

#1 Rest and Ice

In the first 24 hours, rest and ice can ease some of the pain because ice is a great anti-inflammatory. Resting your back is essential, so lie down and ice the area to alleviate some of the tenderness. It will help to reduce the inflammation before it has an opportunity to take hold of your muscles.

After 24 hours of rest, the trick is to get back up and start moving around to loosen the lower back’s stiff, sore muscles. The spine’s design thrives on movement, and too much rest makes pain far worse.

#2 Exercise

Try to start with gentle stretching exercises to ease your lower back pain naturally. For example, yoga poses are an excellent option to build strength in your lower back and avoid pain in the future.

#3 Lifestyle Changes

Making simple lifestyle changes can help to get chronic lower back pain under control. Weight control, the right shoes, proper lifting techniques, the right pillow and mattress, and correct posture can all make a massive difference to chronic back pain sufferers. Small changes deliver significant benefits.

#4 Back Pain Relief Devices

If you would like to explore other low-intensity, non-invasive treatments for lower back pain, we recommend the DCcure by Aerotel. If you are wondering about PEMF vs. TENS, here is the basic difference:

  • PEMF treats pain with a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, a safe electromagnetic reaction
  •  TENS uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, an actual electric current

DCcure by Aerotel uses PEMF, a natural way to relieve pain without invasive or risky procedures or the side effects of prescription medication. It is one of the leading back pain relief devices available, with some users reporting cutting healing time in half.  If you want a back device that is comfortable and portable, this back pain relief machine is an excellent choice to stimulate your body’s natural healing power.

The DCcure by Aerotel is a patented, FDA-approved technology.

Natural Lower Back Pain Relief with DCcure

If you want to relieve muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing, DCcure by Aerotel offers non-invasive pain control for lower back pain. Combined with a few minor lifestyle changes and gentle stretching exercises, you can quickly get your lower back pain under control.

Activate your body’s natural healing powers with DCcure—order yours today.

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