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How to relieve Back Pain in 4 Easy Steps after Sitting for Too Long


Life in a chair is a hazard that is often overlooked. But what some don’t realize is how bad it really is for your body. Overall, sitting for long periods of time can cause many negative effects and can cause lower back pain. Most of the negative effect tends to be long term problems. Sound familiar?


Sitting all day is the worst thing you can do to your back. It puts twice the stress on your spine than standing. The problem worsens when you slouch forward. This causes even more pressure on your spine since it pushes your back into a C shape which is not a normal shape for a human spine.


To help, we’ve compile four ways that can help alleviate back pain caused by prolonged sitting:



  • Take the stairs instead of the elevators:

Try to add every possible workout you can into your busy schedule. If you have a 10 minute walk to work, then avoid taking the train or bus. If you have a few flights of stairs, don’t take the elevator and walk instead.


  • Minimize sending in-office emails or using the phone to contact co-workers

We’re all guilty of it; even though your boss is down hall you still use the phone or shoot him an email in order to ask a simple question. Don’t use the phone unless you really have to.


  • Take frequent breaks

Set an alarm or timer to give yourself a 5 minute break to stretch or to walk around the office. Anything to give your body a stretch after prolonged sitting.


  • Headset vs. corded telephone

Working in an office or running your own business at home can mean a lot of phone usage. Try using a headset that allows you to pick up the phone form anywhere in the office, allowing you stand, walk, or even stretch out while taking a conference call.


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