MDCure By Aerotel - For Back Pain Relief

DCcure’s Inventor

Late Zvi Kamil MDCure's Inventor

DCcure was invented by the late Zvi Kamil, an Aerotel co-founder. A gifted nuclear physicist, Mr. Kamil helped develop pioneering MRI and CAT scan technologies for Elscint, a company subsequently purchased by General Electric, some of which are still being used today.

Zvi Kamil

Mr. Kamil also served as the chairman of Israel’s Committee for Public Safety working hand-in-hand with the Atomic Energy Commission to oversee activities at Israel’s Dimona and Nahal Sorek nuclear reactors. His decisions had ramifications for the health of millions.

Early in his career, Zvi pioneered break-through prepaid telephone payment processing systems having invented and patented the proprietary technology licensed by telecom giants AT&T, Verizon, Japan’s NTT Docomo and others and currently being used by over 2 billion customers throughout the world.

Zvi attended the prestigious Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and later studied nuclear physics in Chicago and Paris. The story is told that Zvi was one of the first to score 100 on the Technion’s admission exam. His proctors, in disbelief, asked him to take the test again but this time in their presence and much to their amazement, he again answered every question correctly! He was a very gifted man.

DCcure is built to last to Zvi’s exacting standards. Before the very first unit shipped, he put it through rigorous testing. Prof. Mickey Scheinowitz, Aerotel’s chief scientist, today oversees production at Aerotel’s medical device manufacturing facility in Israel to ensure that Zvi’s exacting standards continue to be met.

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