MDCure By Aerotel - For Back Pain Relief

How PEMF Technology Works

DCcure generates extremely low sets of Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) frequencies which accelerate the production of new blood vessels and reduce inflammation. DCcure changes the conductivity along your nerve fibers to relieve your muscular aches and pains in a similar way that local anesthesia does but without the side-effects.

The efficacy of PEMF therapy has been well documented. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has published over 500 articles and studies on different devices and concepts of PEMF therapy, varying from low to extremely high intensity and/or frequencies, on its PubMed website. (See Articles and Resources).

DCcure’s Extremely Low Frequency PEMF Therapy

DCcure delivers extremely low frequency PEMF therapy creating massaging effects that increase blood flow and perfusion to accelerate your healing. PEMF therapy has been shown to have pain relieving and healing effects on muscular tissue and cartilage. And DCcure’s FDA Class 1 listing assures its efficacy and safety!


DCcure is a non-ionizing, non-thermal, and non-radiating electromagnetic device which is at the lowest end of the electromagnetic spectrum.