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DCcure and PEMF Therapy vs. Other Devices and Therapies

There’s a big difference between PEMF and TENS therapy

Most of the cheap devices you see on late night TV and on some pharmacy shelves use Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy which only temporarily masks your pain and may cause burning sensations, tingling and soreness. DCcure uses a more advanced technology called Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy which actually accelerates your healing and brings you long-lasting pain relief when used as directed.

Here’s how DCcure and PEMF therapy compare to TENS-based devices

DCCure® by Aerotel uses effective PEMF technology
Cheap and less effective devices use TENS* technology
DCCureTM by Aerotel uses effective PEMF technology Cheap and less effective devices use TENS* technology
Accelerated healing to relieve muscular aches and pains. Not designed to relieve pain; only temporarily masks pain.
Deep massaging effect to produce effective healing. Superficial electric shock, does not treat cause of pain.
Simple application to lower back allows user to self apply. Users need assistance to apply to lower back.
No calibration needed – plug and play and it’s ready. Too many settings and adjustments are required.
Simple to use – one bottom ON and auto-OFF convenience. Not intuitive – complicated instructions can be confusing.
Sensation FREE – no twitching, pinching or tingling. Annoying twitching, pinching and tingling are experienced.
Massaging effect provides cells with needed oxygen and nourishment to facilitate long-lasting results. Electric currents sent to brain to mask pain; no long-lasting healing effecis realized.
Does not require direct skin contact and can be applied over clothing; can be used virtually anytime and anywhere. Require direct contact with skin and therefore, cannot be used anytime and anywhere.
Huge time saver – pad coverage is up to 300 times greater than electrodes used in typical TENS devices. A time consuming process to use as electrodes need to be moved from area to area.
Saves money because no costly consumables such as electrodes, stickers or gels need to be replaced. Like printers and ink and razors and blades, costly consumables need to be replenished on a regular basis.
Built and tested to highest standards at Aerotel’s ISO-13485 certified manufacturing facility located in Holon, Israel. Generally produced to questionable quality standards in third-world manufacturing facilities.
*TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

If your doctor seem not to be aware of PEMF therapy and it does not rank highly when you Google “back pain remedies”, that’s because it’s still relatively new and many continue to be unaware of its applications and benefits. To gain important insights on why this is so, check out this Dr. Oz episode:

Now that you know the big differences between PEMF and TENS, check out these other therapies and then compare for yourself…

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Bioelectric Therapy
Bioelectric therapy may help for a while by temporarily blocking or masking pain; PEMF therapy, on the other hand, actually accelerates healing and brings long-lasting relief when used as directed.

Nerve Blocks
Nerve blocks (injection of medications) can be used but may cause elevated blood sugar, rashes, itching, weight gain, soreness at the site of the injection, bleeding and death in rare cases.

Spinal Stimulation
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Steroidal and numbing agent injections work but recent finds published in the New England Journal of Medicine ( indicate they might not.

Spinal Decompression Therapy
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