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Why over 30 million Americans, young and old, still suffer from lower back pain.

Lower back pain sufferers…

While you may think you are alone, you really aren’t. Just ask yourself this:

bookFamily, friends, neighbors, coworkers – how many lower back pain sufferers do you know? Chances are, a lot. If you have lower back pain, you are not alone.With all the advances in modern medicine, how is this possible? Why are millions of American, young and old, still suffering from lower back pain?

This eBook, entitled “You Are Not Along”, explains why. In it we describe…

  • Lower back pain and the toll it takes.
  • Finding a non-pharmacological way to relieve your low back pain.
  • DCcure’s features and benefits.
  • How PEMF therapy works.
  • The big difference between PEMF and TENS.
  • What clinicians and patients say about DCcure.
  • Tips on how to maintain a pain free lower back.


Please download it, read it, and do share it with other lower back pain suffers you may know… you will not be sorry you did and they will thank you for it!

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