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Here's What Medical Professionals Say About DCCure

Howard Fidler


“I have been in practice for many years and have seen and used plenty of technology. I began using DCcure in March 2014. As with any new therapy, I always do my due diligence and put it to the test. I immediately put an DCcure unit on one of my high-profile athletes who has dealt with low back pain as a result of years of trauma. He immediately reported a huge decrease in his pain and loved the fact that he could be mobile while wearing the therapy.”

Note: Dr. Fidler is a paid consulting subject matter expert of Aerotel USA, Inc.

Here's What Patiens Say About DCCure

Linda Lohmeier

“I even ordered one for my mother because it worked great for me.”

“After 3 months of traction therapy I was advised to try the DC Cure. The first thing I noticed was that when I would use the DC Cure unit I didn't actually FEEL anything. However, I continued to use the devise and started to notice that my back pain was less and less. The DC Cure helped me so much that I purchased one for my mother in hopes it will help her as well. One more note; the customer service with DC Cure is beyond exceptional.”

Bradley Buckler, MD

Savannah, GA

“Amazing product with amazing results!”

“Being a physician and working long hours on my feet often for 18-24 hours at a time can take a toll on my body. I had severe low back pain but since I started using DCCcure, that pain has vanished. It also has allowed me to begin running again with my goal being to complete another half-marathon very soon. Amazing product with amazing results!”

Amberlynn Orr

Professional MMA Fighter

“If it works for me it can work for you.”

“Training and fighting in Mixed Martial Arts can take a toll on the body. Because this device is easy to apply and can be used anywhere at any time, I can get relief whenever and wherever I need it. If it works for me it can work for you. Thanks Dr. Fidler and DCCcure!”

Gannon Sinclair

NFL Tight End

“I noticed a huge difference in the recovery from aches and pains”

After using DCcure for three weeks I noticed a huge difference in the recovery from aches and pains that I received playing football. I really like the convenience of the device and its small portable size makes it really easy to use.

Master Dean "the Demon" Bustami

“Thank you for helping me get my life back!”

“I’ve been active in martial arts since 1984 and hold black belts in TaeKwonDo (5th degree), Hapkido (2nd degree) and Kempo (1st degree). All of that changed in June 2013 when I was struck by a texting teenager driver causing herniations in my lumbar (L4 and L5) and cervical (C5, C6, C7) regions. After almost two years of doctor visits, therapy sessions and spinal injections, I was told to deal with the pain to the best of my ability. Shortly thereafter, I met Dr. Howard Fidler who told me about DCcure’s healing properties. Desperation and pain are incredible motivators so while skeptical, I was willing to try something new and different. That was in February of this year. After the first few weeks, I really didn't notice a change. Dr Fidler assured me that after continued use, I would notice results and to be patient. He was right! Six weeks into treatment, I noticed a reduction in pain levels and an increase in mobility. After three months of use, the pain levels were drastically reduced and I could workout at the gym and by August, was able to return to training. DCcure helped me greatly and allowed me to return to what I've enjoyed doing for 30 years of my life. In my opinion, anyone who’s experienced trauma to their back could benefit greatly from DCcure.”

Andrea "KGB" Lee

Professional MMA Fighter for Invicta FC

“I was back training almost pain free and won my fight.”

“Five weeks before my pro debut I injured my back. I wasn't sure if I would be able to train properly or be able to fight. My manager reached out to sports chiropractor Dr. Howard Fidler for advice. He sent me an DCcure and told me to use it 2x a day every day. I was pretty skeptical but I used it like he said to. Within 1 week of using DCcure, I was back training almost pain free and won my fight. Now I use it a few times per week just so I can continue to heal faster.”

Judy Strutt

Hartford, CT

“I definitely recommend DCcure”

“I definitely recommend DCcure because I feel that it has helped me a lot. I feel that my back is getting stronger and both my mobility and motion have improved. I can dust under the bed a lot more easily now or stretch up to reach things in the kitchen cabinets a lot more easily. Bending down and picking up packages or items dropped also seems easier now. I have only positive results from using it and absolutely no negative results.”

Keith Williams

Former NFL professional and IFBB bodybuilder

“It’s amazing and I highly recommend it.”

“I have been an athlete my whole life and have had some pretty bad injuries. I have had lower back pain for years and after only a few days using DCcure, I was pain free. I thank my chiropractor, Dr. Fidler, for getting me an DCcure to use when I can't see him. It’s amazing and I highly recommend it.”

Jeff Fowler

Chicago, Illinois

“I rate the improvement in my quality of life as excellent”

“When I began using DCcure, I went from four to five bad mornings per week, i.e., mornings in which I was awakened by pain, to one to two bad mornings per week. After several weeks using DCcure once a day, I increased to twice a day as recommended and quickly became practically pain free in the mornings. In addition to getting a full night’s sleep and waking up pain free, I have been able to resume light athletic activity while using DCcure.”

Barb Honchak

Invicta FC 125lb World Champion

“DCcure decreased my recovery time and eased my soreness.”

“I used DCcure for the first time while training for my second title defense. I am always riddled with many sore muscles and injuries from training. DCcure decreased my recovery time and eased my soreness so I could continue training at full capacity.”

Charles E. Strutt

Hartford, CT

“My wife talked me into trying DCCure and I am so glad she did!”

“After heavy work outside, I sit in my recliner and put the DCCure pad on my lower back for one or two treatments. It eases my discomfort and when I awaken the next morning, I am pain free. It’s a wonderful machine. It does the job it was intended to do! I definitely recommend DCCure to anyone having lower back issues. It has allowed me to work a longer day and to finish a project because I know that DCCure will take away the discomfort that I experience quickly. I routinely use DCCure every couple of days to keep feeling good.”

Cat Zingano

UFC Bantamweight Fighter.

“DCcure has helped me train harder and recover faster than ever.”

“After meeting Dr. Fidler and hearing how much DCcure helped my friend and IFC 125 lb Champion Barb Honchak, I was excited to see how it would help me. I have been using DCcure to help me recover from every day training aches and pains in preparation for my upcoming title fight. DCcure has helped me train harder and recover faster than ever.”

Maegan “Mayhem” Goodwin

Professional fighter with Invicta FC

“I honestly don't know how I ever made it without one!”

“If you know anything about professional athletes, you know that it is certain we come alone with pain and soreness most days. Being 6 feet tall left me with a hurt back almost 100% of the time. DCcure has completely changed that for me! Whether it be right after a hard sparring practice, after I get folded in half during grappling or even just on my hour car drive home, I am never without it. My entire family uses this so it is not just for the athletes. I honestly don't know how I ever made it without one!”

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Dani Leeann

Beaverton, OR

“It's definitely helping a ton”

Using this amazing machine at the office to try to get my ankle feeling better, faster. Can't count the number of times this little device has helped me! Thanks Dr. Fidler, it's definitely helping a ton. The swelling has gone down and I can put more weight on it already. Yay!

Michele McCay


“I have been essentially pain free and have experienced greater ROM...”

My name is Michele McCay and I am a competitive tennis player. I tore my meniscus at our state championships in late summer of 2014 and had surgery to repair on 12/3/14. My recovery was fair and seemed slow but I was back on the courts within 2 months after the recommended PT and home exercises. However, I could never seem to get pain free or experience complete range of motion and I had a lot of pain and swelling after playing. Dr. Fidler recommended DCcure in late July of this year and I've been using it since August twice a day. I have been essentially pain free and have experienced greater ROM since my surgery. I will be competing in another state tennis championship in 2 weeks and plan to WIN!! Thanks for introducing me to this great treatment plan and for getting me back on the courts with no residual pain and swelling!

Amanda Bell

Bellator Professional

“It relieves a lot of tension and soreness in my body...”

During these last few weeks prepping for my upcoming fight, having my DCcure couldn't be more appreciated. It relieves a lot of tension and soreness in my body from hard times spent in the gym. Thank you Dr. Fidler!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Susie Sheftel

Businesswoman, Boca Raton, FL

“I love my DCcure!”

I'd never heard of anything like this but hearing the story and how it sends electromagnetic impulses intrigued me! It really has made a significant difference in my recovery from rotator cuff surgery. It was a slow start going into PT. I had some initial extra pain due to scar tissue. My friend Laura raved about this little wonder of a machine and I ordered mine right away. My DCcure has become one of my best friends in my recovery and knowing me, I'll have the chance to use it for other problems, like my back. I highly recommend DCcure!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

Martin Schultz

Vancouver British Columbia

“Although it is not an outright cure, it sure helps”

I recently travelled from the west coast to Frankfurt Germany and then on to Israel. On my previous trip to Israel, my back was extremely tight and sore. This time I sat with DCcure on my back, tucked into my trousers. When I got there I felt much better than on my previous trip. I got the same beneficial result on the way home, where the route was reversed. Although it is not an outright cure, it sure helps.

Holly Callen Hamilton

Minneapolis, MN

“I highly recommend use of DCcure following surgery for the reduction of pain and inflammation”

Thank you Dr. Fidler for suggesting that I use DCcure following my rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery. While I have to admit that I was skeptical about the value of using it, I figured that it probably wouldn't hurt and that, based on your recommendation, it might even help.

So I used it twice a day, placing the pad on each area of my shoulder and arm that ached. Although I could not actually feel it working (and I have no idea how it works), I quickly realized that each time I used it after doing my rehabilitation exercises, I felt less pain and the tightness in my muscles was lessened. Because of the reduced pain, I was able to do my exercises more often which sped up my recovery and made a painful situation much more manageable.

I highly recommend use of DCcure following surgery for the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Mitch Clark

UFC Fighter

“I highly recommend use of DCcure following surgery for the reduction of pain and inflammation”

DCcure has been a powerful addition to my training regimen. It allows me to push myself to my full potential and not be slowed down by minor injuries or inflammation caused by my intense workouts. If you're looking for pain relief and the ability to push your body as far as it can go, I suggest DCcure.

Sharleen A. Romero

Minneapolis, MN

“A “magic machine””

My daughter has had stellar results from Dr. Fidler’s "magic machine" on her fractured big toe. Only one week and she's already off her crutches AND her boot!

Slade Nordic

Pittsburgh State University

“DCcure helps keep me on the field and on the track”

I am a two sport athlete at Pittsburg State… a wide receiver and kick returner for the Pitt State football team and an All-American track athlete. Between grueling workouts, both running and lifting, and the pounding my body takes in practices and games, I find that maintaining optimal health and function can be a real challenge. I have found that treating acute injuries/strains with DCcure, I am able to recover more quickly and maintain my performance at a high level throughout the year. There is nothing worse than missing games or meets due to injury. DCcure helps keep me on the field and on the track.

Kate Lutgen

Minneapolis, MN

“This is the real deal!””

“I was struggling with knee issues and tried many different approaches to help with the pain and swelling... nothing was working. I couldn't squat to parallel without having an immense amount of pain... and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Went to see my chiropractor, Dr. Howard Fidler, who adjusted some things and then applied his DCcure machine. After just one treatment, I could squat with decreased pain in my knee. Went back for another treatment a day later and before I left the office, I was able to squat with no pain. Thank you Doc Howie and your magic machine!”

Note: While some experience relief after just a few treatments, Aerotel recommends that DCcure be applied 2x/day for 30 minutes for 6 weeks and then 2-3x/week to achieve best results.

Theresa Beckman

Springfield, MN

“ DCcure has been huge in his ability to bounce back””

“Just want to thank you so much for helping with my son’s ACL tear. Here he is 7 weeks post tear. DCcure has been huge in his ability to bounce back.”

Note: Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Individual results will vary. Testimonials are by real people who have reported on the results they’ve achieved but may not reflect typical user’s experience. Results are meant as a showcase of what the most motivated users have achieved and should not be taken as average or typical. Some of the photos appearing with user testimonials show the prior version of DCcure which has since been replaced by a new and improved model.

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