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Benefits Of Using An Electronic Massager For Back Pain

Benefits Of Using An Electronic Massager For Back Pain

Benefits Of Using An Electronic Massager For Back Pain

Back Pain Causes, Diagnoses, and Treatments

Do you struggle with back pain? If yes, you can find quick and lasting relief from DCcure, a non-invasive, natural solution developed by Aerotel Ltd. Read on to learn more about back pain and how DCcure can ease your discomfort.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain refers to any physical discomfort affecting the spine or back, ranging from mild to debilitating. It is one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention. Experts estimate up to 80% of the American population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. 

While it can be challenging to identify the exact cause of back pain, the reasons fall into these general categories:

  •     Mechanical causes: These causes of back pain are associated with the functioning of the spine. They include Spondylolisthesis, which occurs when the disc of one vertebra slips forward over another, making the vertebrae rub together, causing pain. Other common mechanical causes of back pain are spinal stenosis, herniated discs, sciatica, spinal degeneration, and fractures.
  •     Injuries: These causes include common forms of back pain resulting from spinal injury or damage of the ligaments and muscles associated with the spine. For example, you may suffer a sprain if a ligament supporting the spine gets torn or pulled due to improper lifting. An accident or a fall can lead to a severe back injury. 
  •     Acquired disorders: These causes include medical conditions that you might have had since birth or acquired later in life. Examples are scoliosis (abnormal spine curvature), arthritis, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, and pregnancy. 
  •     Infections and tumors: Infection can cause back pain if it affects the vertebrae, such as Osteomyelitis (infection and inflammation of the vertebrae) and Discitis (infection in the discs). Tumors, whether benign or cancerous, can also cause back pain.

Back pain is not always a result of an underlying condition. It may also develop due to excessive working or lifting, prolonged sitting or lying down, wearing an ill-fitting backpack, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. 

Back pain symptoms can range from a muscle ache to a shooting, burning, or piercing sensation. Additionally, the pain may spread to your leg or intensify with twisting, bending, lifting, standing, or walking. 

How to Relieve Back Pain with an Electric Massager

Back pain often disappears within a few weeks with home treatment and self-care. If the pain persists even with home treatment and rest, you’ll need to contact your doctor. 

The most common medical treatment for back pain includes pain-relieving medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen. However, the relief from these medications is often short-lived, and they may have adverse side effects such as gastrointestinal issues and allergic reactions. 

Fortunately, due to technology, you can manage your back pain with an electric massager and not have to worry about any side effects. An electric back massager is a device that mimics the movements of a professional masseuse. It relieves your back and general body from pain and soreness through professional kneading and massage techniques. 

There are different electric massagers available on the market to suit different needs. Some models can offer shiatsu massage, a deep-tissue massage associated with Japanese therapy. Others mimic percussive massage by working on deep muscle knots to promote relaxation and stimulate circulation. 

You can also find massagers that provide multiple massage movements to target various areas of your back and body. Be sure to choose an electric massager that suits your specific needs. 

How an Electric Back Massager Can Benefit You 

There are many reasons you should invest in an electric massager if you struggle with back pain:

1. It Eases Back Pain

This is the primary reason for getting yourself an electric back massager. Whether mild or severe, back pain can cause a lot of discomfort, affecting your quality of life. Through various massage techniques, an electric massager will relax your stiff muscles and provide much-needed relief. 

2. It Improves Body Flexibility

Besides putting pressure on your back, an electric massager also promotes relaxation. The pressure provides the relief you need and eases the stiffness of the strained muscles, increasing their flexibility. You will then feel more relaxed and reinvigorated to perform your routine tasks. 

3. It Improves Blood Circulation

Proper blood flow and circulation are essential for efficient body functions. Back problems may undermine smooth flow, and an electric back massager can be an effective solution. The pressure from the device can reinvigorate your muscles, improving your circulation. 

4. It Can Improve the Skin’s Elasticity 

Regular massage with an electric massager can also benefit your skin. The pressure from the device makes your skin firmer, smoother, and shinier. 

5. It Relieves Stress and Promotes Sleep

As your body feels relaxed, so does your mind when you receive a massage. Relaxing your mind eases anxiety and stress, promoting good sleep. 

6. Saves Time and Money

With your electric massager, you don’t need to book an appointment with a masseuse and pay the hourly charges that can be expensive in the long run. An electric back massager can give you an equally high-quality massage in less than 30 minutes. 

Natural Back Pain Relief with DCcure

If you want a more comfortable device that offers non-invasive treatment for your back pain, you should try DCcure by Aerotel. DCcure is an FDA-listed electronic massager that uses PEMF, a natural way to ease pain without invasive or risky procedures or the adverse side effects of prescription medication. It is an excellent choice to stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities and provide quick and lasting relief from pain. 

Activate your body’s natural healing powers with DCcure – Get yours today.





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