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7 Habits that Will Give You Lower Back Pain!

There are many reasons why people suffer from back pain. Below is a list of everyday habits that could be hurting your back.

  • Sitting for too long:
    • Standing is better than sitting. Sitting for long periods of time creates added pressure on your spine compared to standing.
    • If your work requires you to sit for long periods of time, you owe it to yourself to try periodically stretch your lower back. This helps your spine to heal.
  • Your car seat may be positioned wrong for your back:
    • Your car may be causing you more damage to your body than your wallet.
    • You can have your spine properly aligned if you position your seat close to 90 degree angle. This positioning will also help remind you to always maintain a posture when sitting somewhere else.
  • Skipping Exercises:
    • It may surprise you to know that exercising will actually help you relieve your back pain and strengthen your back as well.
    • Try walking or stretching to relieve your back pain; yoga or aerobics may prevent pain and go a long way to improve your health.
  • Overloading your Purse or Briefcase:
    • Heavy loads like a purse or briefcase creates an imbalance on the shoulders causing the spine to curve abnormally.
    • Make sure you carry only things you really need; leave the remaining at home.
  • Sleeping on an Old Mattress:
    • When you sleep on an old mattress your spine sags because your spine does not get the proper support.
    • Replacing your mattress is recommended especially if you suffer from low back muscle pain.
  • High Heels
    • Women pay a heavy price when they wear high heels because the leg and back muscles must work harder to keep the body well balanced.
    • You still can wear high heels and minimize the impact by adding a cushion for better support and do try to reduce the amount of time you wear heals.
  • Watching too much T.V
    • Watching TV has always been viewed as a way to relax after a long day at work; however, the wrong posture while watching can produce spine stiffness and weakness.
    • Cut down on TV time and start making time to stretch your muscles, have some evening walks or simply workout. It’s never too late to begin an active lifestyle.

If you’ve already broken these habits but continues to experience back pain, get the advice of a medical professional. You can also try DCcure.

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